Coronavirus: Socialism vs. Capitalism


The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the superiority of socialism over capitalism in handling crises. Socialist nations are doing far more in combating this pandemic compared to their capitalist counterparts. Cuba provides one of the best examples. As we recently mentioned in another article, Cuba was the only nation to accept a British cruiseliner with coronavirus patients on board into its ports. Since then, it has sent a team of doctors and nurses to Italy, Nicaragua, Dominica, Venezuela and other nations to help them fight the virus. A drug developed by Cuba, Interferon Alpha-2B, has already helped thousands of people recover from the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, in Cuba, there are two reported deaths and 80 confirmed cases, according to the latest numbers. The Communist Party of Cuba has taken great lengths to monitor and treat these patients with quality care. Contrast this to the United States, which cannot even provide an estimate of how many ventilators, masks and other essentials are needed. Cuba is undoubtedly playing a leading role in our struggle against this pandemic. The Caribbean island is doing so, despite being sanctioned, isolated and ostracized by First World nations for decades.

In Venezuela, the Bolivarian government is going to great lengths to mitigate the impact of the virus and serve the needs of the people during these troubling times. President Nicolás Maduro has suspended rent payments and promised to pay workers in government and in small- and medium-sized businesses for the next six months. Meanwhile, the National Bolivarian Armed Forces has begun distributing food boxes to households. These measures were taken quickly while under the pressure of genocidal sanctions that limit Venezuela’s access to essential medical supplies.

There is much to be said about Vietnam’s response as well. Despite bordering China, where the outbreak began, Vietnam has managed to have less than 200 cases with zero deaths. It has quickly mobilized retired health professionals and responded early on when China began seeing its cases rise. Vietnam developed an inexpensive test kit, which is very effective and is now being used by 20 countries. Finally, the government has handed out meals to people in quarantine in an effort to curb crowding at markets.

The response by socialist countries to this crisis is infinitely better than what we are seeing from the capitalists. In Colombia, thousands protested in response to the government’s lockdown as they feared they would not be able to feed themselves amid the crisis. Brazil is witnessing a massive increase in cases while President Jair Bolsonaro refuses to do anything for the people and downplays the pandemic.

In the North, the United States gave Wall Street large bailouts as part of its over $2 trillion stimulus package, only to watch stocks crash again. After surpassing all other countries in terms of confirmed cases, becoming the epicenter of the pandemic, the U.S. government has only recently managed to pass a bill. It does the bare minimum to help its people, while providing billions more to corporations and the rich. While doing little to nothing at home, the United States also extends its malevolence to other nations fighting the coronavirus by imposing more genocidal sanctions. This truly is an evil act, which will not be forgotten in history.

In the United Kingdom, we are also witnessing the disasters of capitalism. Originally, Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposed herd immunity; in other words, sacrificing a portion of the population rather than hurting the economy as an “effective” way to combat the virus. Very quickly, the U.K. government had to rethink this idea and began taking the crisis seriously. Johnson himself has tested positive for coronavirus. However, after four decades of underfunding their national healthcare system, the country is ill equipped to deal with the ongoing rise in cases. There is a lack of testing kits available for hospitals and now the United Kingdom is dealing with the consequences of its early inaction.

What the coronavirus pandemic has shown us is that there is a difference between governing for people and governing for profit. Those who live in capitalist countries are being told that their lives and health, and the health of their family and friends, must come second to the well-being of the rich. The capitalists are openly admitting that they are willing to sacrifice people in order to ensure they do not lose their profits. While this may be depressing, or cause despair, we should remember that there is a socialist alternative.

As the capitalists continue sacrificing their own populations, socialist nations are saving lives all around the world. They are valiantly risking their health to go into the most affected areas and help those in need. They are acting swiftly because they are aware of the dangers this virus presents to their people and the world as a whole. There is optimism in seeing how socialist nations under extreme economic pressure have mobilized to prioritize public health over profit. Their willingness to sacrifice, build international solidarity and to extend a hand to those most in need should encourage and inspire us to help our own communities.

  1. dandelionsalad 4 years ago

    Excellent report. Thank you.

  2. Bhalchandra 4 years ago

    Timely article as concept of profit before people pursued by many nations as market fundamentalism prevails health of people is traded for profit .This approach willl have to change and people over profit must be the rule

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