ANTICONQUISTA accepts submissions for articles, books, podcasts, videos and social media memes that help us expose imperialism in Latin America and the Caribbean. We’re also looking for submissions that highlight revolutionary movements resisting capitalist-imperialist oppression in the region.

All submissions should be as relatable, accessible and concise as possible for our target audience: the Latin American and Caribbean diaspora. They should also adhere to our political line, which is grounded in communist, anti-imperialist, anti-racist, Third Worldist and pan-Latin American thought.

Submissions can provide commentary on current events, history, politics, philosophy, economics, sociology, culture, science, etc.

Please send all submissions to:

Here are the guidelines for each type of submission.


Short agitational articles (500-700 words)
These articles should present a clear central argument with at least two or three supporting arguments. Click here for an example.

Long research pieces (700-1200 words)
These articles should also present a clear central argument, but should include three or more supporting arguments. They should also include as many historical facts, statistics and in-depth research as possible. Click here for an example.

Interviews (500-1200 words)
Interviews should be conducted with people whose responses adhere to our mission and political line. Latin American, Caribbean, Black, Indigenous, LGBT+ and working class people are prioritized. Women are also prioritized.


Books can be anywhere between 20,000-50,000 words in length. All books should present a clear central argument with numerous facts, statistics and in-depth research.

Books can also take the form of personal memoirs or in-depth interviews, which should conform to the guidelines presented above in the “Interviews” sub-section of the “Articles” section.

Before submitting a manuscript, please send us a proposal. Click here for an example.


Podcasts can be anywhere between 10-30 minutes.


Videos can be anywhere between one minute long to half an hour, depending on the nature of the video. We accept raw footage (ex: protests), interviews and commentary.

Social Media Memes

Social media memes should conform to the following dimensions: Facebook (1200 x 630), Twitter (1024 x 512), Instagram (1000 x 1000).