About Us

ANTICONQUISTA is a Latinx collective dedicated to exposing and fighting imperialism in Latin America and the Caribbean, LAC.

We provide analysis of history and current events in the region from a communist, anti-imperialist, Third Worldist and pan-Latin American perspective.

We produce articles, videos and books about the crimes imperialist governments, multinational corporations and comprador politicians commit in LAC. These include worker exploitation, land and resource grabs, racist attacks on Black and Indigenous people, femicide, LGBTI hate crimes, forced migration, environmental destruction, destabilizing popular governments and funding violent right-wing dictatorships, among others.

We also produce content highlighting leftist governments and revolutionary movements in the region resisting these crimes.

Lastly, we engage in hands-on political work that seeks to overturn the capitalist-imperialist system while serving the exploited masses of LAC.

Help us expose imperialism and support the resistance. Join us!