Meet the New Collective Assisting the Communist Movement in Colombia


The Red Condor Collective was founded on May 2, 2020, by around a dozen Colombian activists, and some allies, based in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Collective’s stated aim is to provide material and non-material support for the communist movement in Colombia, which is often invisibilized by Western liberals, who prefer to support NGOs and more palatable organizations.

This evident gap in support for the most radical and revolutionary actors in the South American country is widened further due to communist organizations being labeled as “terrorists” or as having links to terrorism, both by the government and their Western masters.

Despite this, the new organization, an idea of two of ANTICONQUISTA’s co-editors, has decided it’s time to narrow this gap and harness as much support as possible to assist in the birth of overdue Nueva Colombia (New Colombia).

Following the highly-successful example of ANTICONQUISTA, which operates at a regional level, the Red Condor Collective will encourage Colombian diaspora and their allies to support the specific cause of communists in their home country through the creation of digital content. The followers and patrons that the Collective acquires through the creation of this content will be encouraged to contribute to a fund that will be used to send to several legal socialist and communist organizations doing frontline work in Colombia.

Furthermore, like their parent organization, they are committed to using any funds acquired for the stated purpose and never for careerist wages or NGO-ization, a common disease that is rampant among Western-based organizations. Organizations who claim to be acting in the interest of Colombian people while filling their pocket and making a career out of a whole country’s suffering.

The new organization has been created at a critical time. The people of Colombia have been clamoring for revolutionary change for decades now and successful regional socialist experiments have inspired renewed calls for system change. The Colombian diaspora has a duty to do its part in this inevitable transformation.

La solidaridad es la ternura de los pueblos (Solidarity is the tenderness of the people).

To join or support the Red Condor Collective, message or @redcondorcollective on all platforms and @redcondors on Twitter.

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