Of War and Peace

Presidente Trump anuncia visita del Presidente Santos a la Casa Blanca


The world is convulsing, the escalation of war across the four cardinal points of the globe is imminent. Peace seems more like a cry of misfits, an insane chimera, than a sacred right of humanity. At least that’s how the wealthy countries of the West and the all-powerful media at their service make it seem. They silence, hide, show us the half-truths, lies and the macabre figure of communications that is now trendy: post-truth.

Now a crazy demon named Donald Trump fancies himself owner of the world because the gringos, flaunting an inconceivable stupidity, elected him president. Not only to govern the United States, as he had done with his businesses that made him a millionaire, but to govern the world with the same premise of making the North more powerful, rich, cruel and unchecked. Now, in a fit of relentless brutality — with his lapdogs from Europe, the United Kingdom and France, in particular — are dumping their bombs on Syria using the exact same excuses with which they invaded and destroyed Iraq. Excuses that later turned out to be false.

Nobody has dared to publish the methods used by the empire in all of this. They continue to hold excessive power, allowing them to wipe out governments, nations and cultures that are not of their affection or for simply revealing themselves as slaves before their master.

We are only told of their obscene and barbaric power to decide the fate of millions and millions of human beings in the world as if this were a natural state that has to be accepted as a dogma of faith without questions and without knowledge of the cause.

Those who have dared to question, investigate and critically analyze the history behind this nefarious power of the United States, with very few exceptions, have not lived to tell the tale or they have refused to tell it in order to live. To discover the genocidal history of the United States, as well as that of their European allies, one must look into the plundering by blood and fire of the natural resources of the so-called “poor” countries. Nations which have been exploited for centuries in order to maintain the power and control the United States holds over the world.

This global control is not achieved just through pillage and direct genocides like what we are seeing in Syria today. The weapons used to dominate the world are of all types and caliber, including, of course, unconventional weapons. In these unequal and cowardly wars anything goes. To maintain its empire on the economy, politics and justice of “poor” countries, the U.S. and its European allies need native agents. Unconditional lackeys, figureheads of foreign criminal organizations, vassals of indolence and cowardice, traitors of their own people who, being elected by their own people, mitigate the grotesque paper democracies that hold elections every four years which are always tainted by fraud and manipulation in the public conscience. In reality, they are just banana republics whose rulers are no more than despicable beings on their knees in service of foreign interests.

To give one example, we have Juan Manuel Santos, president of that country deeply hurt by war, my country, Colombia. The first country in Latin America to tacitly support Trump and his allies in the infamous bombing of Syria. Here the wicked paraphernalia of a false democracy is exposed as well as a portrait of an infamous man who received the Nobel Peace Prize when the only thing he has done is war by all legal and illegal means. This is the most pompous farce of peace and it is not surprising because a government in the hands of a president who is capable of deceiving a whole country and the whole world for five years with the historical lie of peace agreements is capable of anything.

Two years after having signed the peace agreement, it is now torn to shreds, agonizing, as announced by the nefarious Álvaro Uribe and his gang of right wingers. But, let us not be deceived. The main responsibility for the moribund peace agreements today is Santos himself, his government and his so-called “democratic” institutions. Starting with the Office of the Attorney General and Congress, they have been in charge of smashing the agreements and preventing their implementation with all kinds of manoeuvres. They have already betrayed the words they said they would honor in Havana with extraditions — not just of Jesus Santrich, but possibly of all the leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC. A complete and utter betrayal.

They are extraditing the high commanders of the FARC even though they have demobilized and laid down their weapons. The state has failed them by refusing to comply with reintegration programs into civilian life. In desperation, ex-guerillas are forced to enter into illegality, confronted by Criminal Bands, known as BACRIM, as the government has euphemistically called paramilitary gangs who are responsible for assassinating social leaders across the country, as well as land claimants, ex-combatants of the FARC and their relatives. This is how the war is being recycled while Santos receives the Nobel Peace Prize. Corruption is fed right and left with “peace” money and is even financing the campaign for Radical Change presidential candidate, German Vargas Lleras. Llera was never for peace while he was a minister for Santos but is suddenly promising to respect the shreds of “peace” that are left. It was thanks to his party and one of its privileged members, the ill-celebrated Rodrigo Lara, that the peace agreement was sabotaged in Congress.

So, today we see the United States and its allies drop bombs on the defenseless population of Syria without anyone saying a word. We see the savage torturing of children, women and men in Palestine at the hands of the terrorist state of Israel without the United Nations moving a finger. We will have to tell our children and grandchildren that we are leaving them the legacy of an unjust war where only the poor and the innocent die.

Today we see how the peace accords in Colombia are in agony and broken. With sadness and pain we will have to tell our children and grandchildren that we failed to achieve peace. That they have to prepare for another hundred years of war thanks to elites who can only rule and hold power while there is war. That is why they are enemies of peace.

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